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Most ant species are highly developed social insects that live in permanent nests, which depending on the species, may appear in the soil, in timber, under pavers, in wall cavities or roof voids.

Ants may travel large distances in search of food. Even the cleanest of homes can provide a ready food source for ants which once found can invade in large numbers, such that professional help is required

Some do-it-yourself products may provide short term relief, but may, in fact, make a problem worse. Ants are easily repelled by some common residual remedies and, without finding the colony, their repeated use can often cause a colony to move or even split into multiple colonies. And simply killing foraging ants will not eliminate the colony since the queen remains in the colony and her sole purpose is to lay more eggs to ensure the survivability of the colony.

We use a variety of baits, insect growth regulators, and non-repellent materials, which can be used together in an integrated approach to solving any ant infestation.

To arrange a free quote or to arrange ant pest control, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


The first sign of a bed bug infestation is usually the appearance of bites on the arms, neck, torso, or legs. You may also find live or dead bugs. Collect a sample for positive identification. Clusters of small stains or droplets of dried blood on furniture and bedding may also be found. These stains are the bed bugs’ faecal droppings. They may be accompanied by shed skins, because bed bugs shed their outer skin, or moult, as they grow. Shed skins are amber in colour and resemble the shape of a bed bug.

Management of bed bugs should begin at the first sign of a problem. The longer an infestation is allowed to exist, the more difficult and expensive it will be to control. It may take several months to get rid of bed bugs if there is a large infestation

Pesticides alone, or the use of any single method, will not eliminate bed bugs. A strategy that includes a number of methods is absolutely necessary, especially in multiple unit facilities like flats, shelters, dormitories, medium-density estates, and hotels.

To arrange a free quote or to arrange bedbug pest control, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


Bees and wasps and other flying insects are generally beneficial. Bees help pollinate flowers. Wasps are parasitic toward some harmful creatures such as caterpillars that can destroy a large area of crops.

But if not dealt with properly, bees and wasps can be a danger. These insects are stinging insects and can produce a sting that is very painful. Some people have allergic reactions causing the need for immediate medical attention.

All of our Pest Control Methods are safe for your family and pets. Our bee and wasp control service will rid your home fast and without fuss or danger.

To arrange a free quote or to arrange bee/wasp pest control, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


Who would have thought that behind your dishwasher or under your fridge lies a cockroach nest with 22 siblings and their 13 aunts and uncles and there 18 cousins and the 1 cockroach who actually ate the cockroach baiting gel that Customised Pest Control applied and is going to kill them all.

Revolutionary Cockroach Gel is applied to all cupboards and cracks and crevices that are common breeding sites. This hassle-free bait has special pheromones that the cockroaches can’t resist to eat. They take the poison back to their nest and pass it through the family! Gone are the days that you have to empty your cupboards for the pest man!

Cockroach control in Cairns can be as effective for domestic homes as it is for our commercial clients such as restaurants, hotels and resorts, which means both homes and businesses can benefit from our trained professionals who specialise in controlling cockroach infestations.

To arrange a free quote or to arrange cockroach pest control, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


Restaurants & Bars, Hospitality & Leisure, Industrial & Construction, Offices, Food Processing, Other Business

For any commercial entity, choosing the right pest control company is a crucial decision.

The risk profile caused by pests varies according to the activities of a business or organisation, so it is important that your pest control service program is appropriate for your pest risks.

For example, some pests are a much higher risk for certain types of businesses – moths are high risk for companies handling textiles, cockroaches for foodservice businesses and bedbugs for hotels – make sure that your service program covers any specific threats you face.

Similarly, tolerance to pests varies according to the risks they pose to your activities – a mouse in a construction site is a nuisance, while a mouse in a food factory will close the facility and may lead to prosecution – ensure your service program is targeted at your risk level.

Let us design a pest management program tailored to your business.

To arrange a commercial pest management program, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email  cairns@customisedpest.com.au


Ten fleas might not seem like a big threat at first. But in just 30 days they can reproduce and multiply their numbers up to 250,000. That’s what we call a flea invasion!!

These blood-sucking parasites are enough to make your skin crawl! Although they tend to feed off cats and dogs, they can sometimes bite humans out of desperation. Without a living thing to feast on, fleas cannot survive.

Flea control treatments start with the application of a low toxic synthetic pyrethroid insecticidal spray. Carpets, timber flooring and skirting boards need to be treated and sometimes external area such as subfloor, garden, lawns, verandas, patios, decks, garages, etc are treated as well.

Fleas are firstly controlled by shampooing your pet with a safe, residual insecticide. Your vet may have recommended a very safe insecticide called pyrethrin, but this will only last a day.

The shampoos we recommend contain “Permethrin”, which are technically called a synthetic pyrethroid. They will last a lot longer and aren’t as dangerous and smelly as are other Organo-phosphates such as Diazinon & Maldison.

Tip: Look at the active ingredients section at the front of the bottle or can. Always follow the application and safety directions on any flea pest control product.

We recommend that you shampoo your pets every 2 weeks in the summertime and about every month in winter

To arrange a free quote or to arrange flea pest control, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


Rodents can cause damage to your home and businesses wiring as well as being a Health Hazard. Mice and Rats do considerable gnawing on properties in order to wear down their continuously growing incisors. Rodents cause a lot of damage in Cairns every year and some rodents are carriers of diseases.

The reproductive potential of a pair of mice or rats is amazing. We can control rats and mice using baiting technology and rodentcides within your roof space and in & around your home or business with our lockable child and pet safe rodent stations.

To arrange a free quote or to arrange rodent pest control, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


Do you have Spiders at your home or work? Are you constantly walking through webs around your home? Are you concerned that someone could get bitten by spiders that you notice are in your garden? Is your Arachnophobia alive and well? Do you have spiders in and around your house and you just don’t like them there? Maybe you need a professional to take a look and advise you on what to do.

An effective option for spider control is to use a residual insecticidal treatment applied to spider harbourage areas.

To arrange a free quote or to arrange spider pest control, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


TRELONA Advanced Termite Baiting System – Licensed & Accredited installers

The latest and greatest on what’s new in protecting homes from termites is out now.

Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System is a new Termite Management System to hit Australian Soil. Customised Pest Control Cairns take into consideration all aspects of any system prior to promoting and installing systems to protect buildings from Termites as our reputation over the last 20 years is a must to protect. What we do know, and trust is the company and its representatives from BASF who have been developing this system for the past 12 years.

The new features of the Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System brings excitement to the Pest industry, Customised Pest Control Cairns see the benefits that surround the ongoing maintenance of a system, these include, the reduced time in upkeep of the system, limited onsite repairs to stations and station lids, the size of the system stations, reduced time removing excess soil from the stations, the option to install a long term Trelona bait within the stations from the get-go, plus many other options to help owners protect their homes from Termites.

To arrange a free quote, call Customised Pest Control on 0438 344 007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au



Termite infestations can cause serious damage to your property. Customised Pest Control provide termite inspections and professional advice in Cairns and surrounding suburbs and have an experienced team of pest control experts ready and equipped with the latest termite baiting and monitoring systems to eliminate termite colonies.

If you find termite activity, DO NOT DISTURB IT!

DO NOT spray termites or their workings with household insecticides.

Call Customised Pest Control, a professional pest management company to investigate the extent of the activity and determine the best termite management solution for your property.


An annual termite inspection for your home or business is one of the best investments you can make to give yourself peace-of-mind that your home is not the current “restaurant of the month” for termites. A large termite colony can cause a significant amount of damage within 12 months and more regular inspections may be warranted in areas of higher termite risk. ie. large trees in close proximity to the house or a history of ongoing termite problems.

Australian Standard 3660.2 recommends a visual termite inspection at least every 12 months.

To arrange a termite inspection, call Customised Pest Control on 0438 344 007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au


End of Lease/Vacate Flea & Tick treatments are required by most Real Estate Agencies now and are to be completed by a professional for you to get your bond back.

The RTA states: If the property was free of pests at the start of the tenancy the tenant must ensure the property meets that same standard at the end of the tenancy.

Fleas and ticks can get out of control very quickly and generally it is not your fault. It is simply the humid climate we live within Cairns. Fleas and ticks rapidly reproduce, and they can only be effectively dealt with by professionals that understand the biology of these pests.

Please Note: It is best to schedule your vacate treatment after your bond clean to ensure mopping of floors and/or steam cleaning of carpets does not eradicate our treatment.

To arrange a free quote or to arrange a Vacate Flea/Tick Treatment, call Customised Pest Control on 0438344007 or email cairns@customisedpest.com.au

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Client Testimonials

Jason of Customised Pest Control has been a great help privately and professionally. Over the past years, he has dealt with pests at our own home and many of our landlords’ properties. I have personally found him reliable and his treatments of pests effective and I know our team of property managers rely on him. Five-star service and five-star treatment!

Thanks Jason

David forrest

Managing Director, First National Real Estate

AFL Cape York Boarding Houses, Cairns and Redlynch have been utilising the services of Customised Pest Control for the past 7 years. We have always found their work to be of a professional and high standard. The Customised Pest Control team use high quality resources which are safe and provide excellent outcomes. Jason’s professional attitude and friendly nature makes working with him extremely easy.

I have also engaged Customised Pest Control to undertake my own homes pest control needs with excellent results.

Rick Hanlon

General Manager., AFL Cape York Limited

I have utilised Customised Pest Control both personally and professionally for over 7 years and have always found Jason’s work exceptional.

From Termites to Ants and everything in between, Customised Pest Control is reliable and efficient. They guarantee their work and are very forthcoming with their communication and education of their systems.

Jason is very understanding when it comes to our Tenant & Lessor requirements and makes every effort to ensure all parties are “treated” with respect and the work is completed in a timely fashion.

I would not hesitate in recommending Customised Pest Control for all of your pest treatment needs. Definitely the only company I use and will continue to use long into the future.

Meeka Jones

Senior Property Manager, Cairns Property Office

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